Couple sharing a dildo for anal masturbation

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Butt slut 2 years ago
I hope this guy knows how lucky he is!
Anna 1 year ago
It's nice when couples are open-minded
1 year ago
Love to see his dick fuck her while both are on dildo
the good guy 1 year ago
my wife loves that. maybe i am luckier than i guess.
Eduardo 1 year ago
Damn that's hot. I really wanted to see the chick's face. She has a nice body. That thing was pretty far up her pooper at the end. I'm straight but that guy had a nice schlong.
1 year ago
Great idea to try
Owow 1 year ago
The strangest video ever.
1 year ago
I would do this on a heartbeat...with him or her! Dudes got a beautiful smooth tool there just for the sucking.
Pusilkr 1 year ago
Should have buried the purple fuckstixk in both of you and then your cock in her pussy. Maybe next time. I squirted
Horny one 1 year ago
Would love to try that with a guy that would be hot